Sandia Hortalizas y Frutas Navarro de Haro

Unique watermelons,
the red passion

There are different ways of knowing the ideal ripening index of a watermelon, and we know each process in our company. Our fruit is not only characterized by its colour and texture but also by its value and taste.

The nature is our choice

We identify the temperature, degrees Brix, and sweet sound in order to provide the best variety of watermelons. Our production pays attention to each maturation phase in order to offer the best exponents of fruit.

Sandia Hortalizas y Frutas Navarro de Haro
Sandia partida

Essence and Vocation

Our watermelons have special characteristics and this is why we choose the best seeds in each crop. You will find the greatest source of nutrients in our products and all the flavour in their sweet pulp, the heart of each watermelon.

Properties and Characteristics

The variety of our seasonal watermelons makes them the most refreshing and delicious food. They are not only one of the most moisturizing fruits with less calories (they contain almost 90% water) but also they have a lot of health benefits.

Did you know that lycopene is the component that gives them the red colour and also the best antioxidant for stiffness?

  • A medium piece of watermelon can barely contain 43 calories.
  • It has Vitamins A, C and B6 to help the body for the creation of antibodies needed by the immune system.
  • Watermelon is analgesic and anti-inflammatory and is recommended to eat before or after exercise.
  • There are myths about eating watermelon at night but it is a delicious fruit at any time of the day.
Sandia Hortalizas y Frutas Navarro de Haro

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