Comercialización Hortalizas y Frutas Navarro de Haro
Comercializacion Melon

Commitment, Transparency and Trust.

Navarro de Haro Vegetables and Fruits aims to continue its territorial expansion throughout Europe, both in the national sector and international context.

Mission, Vision and Values

One of our competitive advantages is to control the production and commercialization procedures, from the garden to your table.

Comercializacion sandia

For this reason, we offer a fast and effective personalized service that allows our customers to meet their demands and needs of products, while keeping sustainable production processes committed to the environment.

Presencia en España

Our presence in Spain continues to grow during the last years by placing our company as a leading reference in the sector.

Our progress in Europe maintains its increase in the company’s export background, becoming one of the leading exponents as fruit and vegetable supplier on the international scene.

Desarrollo en Europa

Navarro de Haro Vegetables and Fruits continues to innovate in the buying and selling melon and watermelon in the European territory thanks to the confidence of the excellent condition of our products. The advice and compliance with the demand of these needs is a key pillar that defines our philosophy.