Origin of the family business

Navarro de Haro Vegetables and Fruits was originated almost 60 years ago due to the dedication and work of its sole founder Agustín Navarro González.

After more than two decades of commitment in 1980, Francisco Navarro de Haro, current manager of the company, decided to get involved in the business to develop and improve each of the services that consolidated the company in the horticulture sector.

Fundadores Navarro de Haro

Navarro de Haro Vegetables and Fruits is considered a pioneer at national level in the commercialization of melon and watermelon.

Vision and experience
looking at the future

Siempre con el campo

Always with the field

Teamwork is one of the keys of the company’s philosophy and includes technical and commercial advice as well as the coordination of every aspect with farmers and traders.

“Our peace is due to the fact that we only have to dedicate to achieve a quality product, so we make a great binomial in commercialization terms. Navarro de Haro Vegetables and Fruits transmits us maximum tranquillity because there is a high level of communication, transparency and trust between them and us”

Antonio del Pino, farmer.

Sandia Navarro de Haro

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