Special melons,
the traditional taste.

We take care of our melon from the seed to the crop since each one maintains a quality standard, including the texture of the skin, its peel and all the sweet flavour that define us.

Identification and Selection

Our technical team and the specialization in the crops allow us to collect the best selection of melons with our own hands. Our philosophy is to be always close to the farmer.

Melon Navarro de Haro
Melon Navarro de Haro

The excellence of taste

We provide melons that have all the qualities that make them an experience for all the senses. Their sweet and delicate smell or the taste of their greenish flesh will delight any palate.

Properties and Characteristics

We offer different types of fresh melon with a colour and shiny skin, a perfect weight and a special sound that characterize us.

Did you know that melon is one of the most moisturizing fruits with less sugar?

  • It contains provitamin A and protects us against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Its vitamin C gives us the perfect antioxidant action needed by the tissues of our body.
  • Removes toxins from the body with its diuretic characteristics.
Melones Hortalizas y Frutas Navarro de Haro

Navarro de Haro Vegetables and Fruits is the perfect example to understand the qualities of an exclusive product like melon.